WIth a population of 69 million, the Thai startup scene is hot! From 2012-2016, Thailand went from 3 funded startups to over 75 companies that received funding. In 2016 alone, Thai startups raised USD 86.02 million.

Thailand Rice Bowl Startup Awards – Winners

Best Newcomer

Best eCommerce / Supply Chain Startup 

Best Healthy / Lifestyle Tech Startup

Best Smart City Solution

Best Coworking Space

Founder of the Year
Michael Cluzel

Startup of the Year

Country Host

C ASEAN is a social enterprise aimed at becoming a platform for ASEAN networking, exchanging of best practices, and facilitating peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level. 

C ASEAN looks to create a knowledge driven society by generating contents in various forms, whether through our activities, publications or media outlets. We also provide, both, public and membership based facilities intended a building a community where new generations can come and interact. 

Our vision is “Collaboration for the better of ASEAN’s connectivity” which has become our core philosophy. Among our primary missions, C asean strives to be a hub for ASEAN entrepreneurs and ASEAN future generations focusing on business startups, and ASEAN arts and culture.
At C asean, we aim to provide a networking platform for collaboration among business leaders and young generations across the region to support the development of the ASEAN Community through various connectivity initiatives.
Equally important, C asean serves as a platform for ASEAN arts and cultural dialogues, as we believe in art and culture as an essential tool to blend our heritages and create special bond of harmonious friendship and a people oriented ASEAN identity.

Thailand Rice Bowl Startup Awards



Venue: Dream Office C-Asean, Thailand

Date: 20th October 2017

Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Regional Strategic Partners

The ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE) is the first startup support services platform in ASEAN which provides these key services to help startups expand

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) is Malaysia’s early stage start-up influencer, incorporated under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF) in 2003 with a mandate to fund potential and high-calibre tech start-ups.