Award Criteria

You qualify for a Rice Bowl award if …
Your company was incorporated (and ultimately paying corporate taxes) in any one, or more, ASEAN countries
Your company was incorporated or the nominated product, service, programme was launched on, or after, 1 Jan 2013



Award Process

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards points to model leaders across a broad range of categories. These categories aim to showcase the individual or teams that uniquely impact the startup community ranging from investors, technologists and the entrepreneurs themselves.

Each ASEAN country will produce 18 winners at the national level – one from each award category. Among those 18 winners, there will be one Country Winner for each ASEAN nation, who will then move on to compete regionally at the Regional Grand Finale in November 2018.

The juries and ambassadors of Rice Bowl look for startups that show a clear growth (current & projected) results, scability to become an ASEAN-wide company as well as their impact to the ecosystem, and the country.

What Winners Stand To Win


Winners get to participate in a cross-regional exchange program designed for serious entrepreneurs.


Fast-track your network, resource and capabilities from a home-grown outfit to a global or regional enterprise.


Rice Bowl’s extensive media promotion and publicity network throughout the ASEAN region give winners the right platform for media exposure.


Get exposure to funding opportunities via our investor-matching schemes formed with our regional alliance of partners and investors


Leverage on the vast ASEAN startup community. Partner-up regionally, vertically or cross-commercially to accelerate market expansion.

Industry Award Categories

Industry Award categories recognizes fast growing startups  that are disrupting, improving and positively impacting vertical industries via products or services that harness innovation and technology.

Best e-Commerce Startup

Best Logistics and Supply Chain Startup

Best Business Automation Tool Startup

Best Health / Med Tech Startup

Best “Life Helper” Startup

Best Food Tech / Agri Tech Startup

Best Fintech Startup

Cross-Sector Awards

Cross-Sector Award categories recognize fast growing startups that clearly owns methods, innovation, services, tools, devices, or software that can be applied across many industries.

Best IoT Startup

Best AI/Machine Learning Startup

Best Digital Marketing Startup

Star Awards

“Golden Rice Bowl” Startup of the Year

Founder Of The Year

Best Newcomer

People’s Choice

Ecosystem Awards

Eco-system award categories are meant to recognize people, organisations and programmes that are in the startup ecosystem of South East Asia. These are the movers and shakers that are disrupting old processes, harnessing technology and innovation, and directly contributing to the success of new tech businesses and entrepreneurship in general.


Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative

Best Co-Working Space

Best Accelerator or Incubator Program

Investor of the Year

Award winners are decided by country juries and respective country partners. The organisers have the sole right to include or exclude any categories in their respective countries.

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