Founder of the Year

Founder of the Year

You are an inspirational leader for your startup. You are astute in business, has strong leadership skills, and a skilled promoter. You make running your business look easy, and your team, partners and customers are inspired by your vision.


Demonstrates capabilities for leadership and a visionary

Demonstrates capabilities in marketing

The business that you helm are gaining traction rapidly in customer acquisition, market acquisition and/or sales

Bonus: Shows strong capabilities for taking the business to regional or global levels

 Company Eligibility Criteria

Your company was incorporated (and ultimately paying corporate taxes) in any one, or more, ASEAN countries

Your company was incorporated or the nominated product, service, programme was launched on, or after, 1 Jan 2013

Past Winners of This Category

Winners from ASEAN Rice Bowl 2015 – 2017

Anthony Tan

Founder of the Year

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2016

Sopheakmonkol Sok

Founder of the Year

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2017

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