Best Life Helper Startup

Best Life Helper Startup

You are a startup that has shown the greatest development over the last year based on growth, innovation and impact by developing tools that works virtually to “get things done” for people and consumers – so they can get back valuable time to spend with family and friends, giving the healthy work-life balance that people aim for, and also celebrate digital innovations that improves the world around us.

For example: a robot that converses with children, an online portal for medical support, an online travel booking service, a ride-sharing mobile app, a smart home device.

However, you must be able to declare your “unfair advantage” or explain what makes you unique in your market.

 Company Eligibility Criteria

Your company was incorporated (and ultimately paying corporate taxes) in any one, or more, ASEAN countries

Your company was incorporated or the nominated product, service, programme was launched on, or after, 1 Jan 2013

Past Winners of This Category

Winners from ASEAN Rice Bowl 2015 – 2017


Best Healthy Lifestyle Tech Startup 

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2017


Best Social Enterprise 

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2016

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