Best Coworking Space

Best Coworking Space

You love hosting and connecting people to each other! You are a co-working space that deserves the recognition for its services, support and resources to fast-growth tech startups, and for creating a culture and environment that fosters innovation.


Number of startups and businesses that credit the co-working space as a contributing factor for their success

Demonstrate strong market expansion and traction in member subscription or new spaces

Demonstrate the impact that your space and efforts have on businesses and the local startup eco-system

 Company Eligibility Criteria

Your company was incorporated (and ultimately paying corporate taxes) in any one, or more, ASEAN countries

Your company was incorporated or the nominated product, service, programme was launched on, or after, 1 Jan 2013

Past Winners of This Category

Winners from ASEAN Rice Bowl 2015 – 2017


Best Coworking Space 

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2017

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