2019 Categories

Best Accelerator or Incubator Program

Best Accelerator or Incubator Program

For organization/program that has a fixed-term, cohort-based, mentorship-driven program, you help and empower entrepreneurs to foster the growth of their innovative companies by providing tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise.

Criteria For Winning

Number of businesses that have “graduated” from the accelerator and they are currently demonstrating market dominance

Demonstrate a strong community of businesses and founders who credit the accelerator as a prominent factor for their success

 Company Eligibility Criteria

Your company was incorporated (and ultimately paying corporate taxes) in any one, or more, ASEAN countries

Past Winners of This Category

Winners from ASEAN Rice Bowl 2015 – 2017

Global Accelerator Program by MaGIC

Best Accelerator Program 

ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards 2017

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